Embroidery Information

Creating Your Embroidered Design

The most important part of any embroidery job begins with the designer or (sometimes called a digitizer). Their job is to take your logo or design and convert it into a series of stitches that will be stitched on a garment. While there are software programs that make this job easier, there is no software program that can reproduce the talent of a good designer (even though many software companies claim otherwise). This is why your first job with us may require a setup fee. 

Choosing Apparel

Brand, color, and style of the apparel is completely up to you. As with anything, there are good quality brands and poor quality brands. If you are going to spend $8.00 - $1200 to stitch an embroidered design it makes little sense to stitch it on a garment that will wear out long before the design. When ordering a large number of garments it makes sense to get a sample of the garment that you will be buying so you can judge the quality of the garment for yourself.


Generally speaking, there are two types of threads used for embroidered designs, Polyester and Rayon. Rayon produces the best looking embroidered designs, however it can be prone to breakage during stitching and it is slightly less durable than Polyester.

Thread Color

Choosing the right thread color is probably the most important thing you will need to think about. You need to be concerned with how the colors in your design will look with the color of the garment that you choose.  If you would like, we can offer recommendations based on the apparel you select, as well as your branding guidelines.  We will email a colorized proof.

Embroidery Locations

The locations you can apply an embroidered design vary by the type of garment. The embroidery charge is based on the number of locations you choose. Most people choose to embroider the primary location, left chest, since it is the most visible, however there is no limit to the number of locations to embroider. The default embroidery location for jackets and shirts is on the left chest.

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